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My Origin Story

Injury Lawyer

It is with great excitement, I announce the formation of The Law Offices of Michael L Eisner. I begin this endeavor with a goal of providing concierge level service to each and every client and individual who needs legal advice.

When I began practicing law in 1995, my first job was just that, a job. I worked for an insurance defense firm for the benefit of large insurance companies. I could not live with myself knowing that I was fighting to prevent deserving families from getting the justice they deserved. Therefore, I left that job to begin a career working for the injured people to help them receive the fair compensation, compassion, and closure they needed and deserved. It was refreshing bringing people out of the darkness of a traumatic event, and making a difference for them.

Over the past 25 plus years, I have been fortunate enough to work for two large volume personal injury law firms. With the years of experience, I have honed my skills and made a difference in thousands of lives. However, with the large case loads that come with working for a large firm, it became apparent that it was very difficult to give all the clients the personal attention I believe they deserve.

Therefore, I have decided to get back to my roots, and take all I’ve learned to represent fewer cases at a time in order to give each and every client the personal attention they have always desired. All of my clients will be given the time, guidance, compassion, legal experience, and kindness they need to have a trauma turned around into justice. I pledge to fight for every client and make them feel like part of the family of . . .

. . . The Law Offices of Michael L. Eisner

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  1. Outstanding track record, along with the experience, intelligence and compassion to represent clients exceptionally well!

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