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What is concierge level service for your injury case?

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On “The Eisner Difference” page of www.michaeleisnerlaw.com, I refer to providing clients with concierge level service.  What is concierge level service as it applies to law? Why does it make a difference for your injury case from an auto accident, dog bite, or premises liability?

Traditionally, the term concierge was limited to the hotel industry.  In fact, the formal definition is “a hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by arranging tours, making theater and restaurant reservations, etc..”   This leads one to ask how does concierge level service apply to personal injury cases.

What does concierge level service mean for you?

Each client has different individual needs, just like each five-star hotel guest.  Some will need more advice and attention than others.  In an auto injury case, many people don’t’ know the first steps to take. An honest mistake may inadvertently limit their financial recovery. This financial recovery is designed to fairly compensate the injured.  The concierge level service means each client will:

  • Talk directly to me, not a call screener or paralegal;
  • Be advised about getting the medical care needed to get well and prove damages;
  • Get assistance with the property damage resolution (clients do not pay a fee on property damage as long as that portion settles without a formal suit);
  • Have access to me to answer any legal questions or give direct updates;
  • Understand the legal process of claims and suit (if necessary);
  • Learn about health insurance and medical bill liens, and how I will attempt to negotiate those, when appropriate, to net the client more of their recovery; and,
  • Have the individual and specific questions and concerns related to their case answered

Often clients say to their lawyer, “I know you are busy and my case isn’t (fill in the blank).”  The concierge level service means that no client should ever feel the need to give an excuse for a call or shorten the time with their lawyer, because they feel like their attorney isn’t fully there for them.  I will be available and give each client the time and attention they need. This open communication leads to better results and client appreciation.

Why does concierge level service lead to better results for your injury case?

By providing concierge level service, I learn more about you. Through great communication, I get to know you and your family, and how your injuries impact your life. This gives me more information to argue your injury case and fight for fair compensation. The service also prevents many of the common mistakes that allow the insurance company or defendant to gain an unjust advantage. You will be able to continue to live your life and recover from your injuries, because you know I will take care of all of the administrative issues with your case.

Every case, whether from a car accident, slip and fall, dog bite, or other injury caused by somebody else’s mistake is unique.  Just like one hotel patron needs a different recommendation from their concierge, every injured client deserves service designed to their individual needs.  I respect and honor this. I give everyone I represent the service they want and advice they need.  This service will naturally lead to better results.  At the end of the case, the injured person will have a better chance of being treated fairly, getting closure, and will become part of my family at The Law Offices of Michael L Eisner.

Have you been injured in an auto accident, attacked by a dog, or hurt on another’s property? Call ME, Michael Eisner at 216-905-2200.

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